Ancelotti insists Madrid not underestimate Chelsea

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Anche insists Madrid respect and not underestimate Chelsea. Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has praised the spirit of this team. Ready to confirm that they have to respect Chelsea’s rival ufabet teams, even if they have a bright chance of qualifying.

Real Madrid defeated Chelsea at Stamford Bridge 3-1 in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, before returning to the Santiago Bernabeu at home to the Santiago Bernabeu. Two this tuesday “I am fortunate to have a group of players who know this level very well. Anything can happen,” Ancelotti said. “They have a good spirit and are happy with their chances of reaching the Champions League semi-finals, but Chelsea are a very strong opponent. We have to have a lot of respect. And we will seize this opportunity.”

Ancelotti also responded to the issue of rival head coach Thomas Tuchel. admits that it is almost impossible for Chelsea to turn the situation through to the semi-finals “Chelsea will come here to save the situation. I have no doubt about that.” “He (Tuchel) can say whatever he wants. But I’m sure Chelsea will come here to win. That’s the spirit of football. Big club spirit and great players There is no surrender.