Casemiro urges fans to stop booing Bale, cheering for European teams

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Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro was anger by the reactions of supporters. Who booed and booed team-mate Gareth Bale during the 2-0 win over Getafe.

Bale was substituted for Karim Benzema during the final 16 minutes of the ufabet game at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday. By the loud applause on the field for the French striker. It turned into whistles and boos as the Welsh winger hit the ground. And every time you touch the ball “When a player is mouth We all got hit too. You can’t agree with that.

I don’t like it at all because Bale is a historic player. When a player like him is mouth The club’s history has also been touch.” “I hope they give us goosebumps tomorrow. We need them,” Casemiro said. Real Madrid host the Santiago Bernabeu against Chelsea in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals on Tuesday.

Speaking ahead of their Champions League quarter-final second-leg against Chelsea he said: “It’s never nice to hear a team-mate being whistle by our fans.

“I heard Bale being whistle the other day and I didn’t like that. He’s a historic player.

“When you whistle him you’re whistling at the history of this club.”

Bale could feature in Tuesday’s second leg, which Madrid lead 3-1 after a Karim Benzema hat-trick.