Nagelsmann has urged the Tigers to ban both bad games

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Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann has urge his players to improve their form against Villarreal. As they turn around in the Champions League.

Bayern Munich host the Allianz Arena against Spanish side Villarreal. In the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals on Tuesday. After the first leg. Lost to Spain 0-1 Nagelsmann urge the squad during a press conference about their availability ahead of Tuesday’s ufabet game:

“We played bad and they played their best game. This won’t happen again, playing bad against the same opponent for the second time. “We’ve been able to do that in the past. And it should be like that tomorrow, we have to do it. We need it.” “It’s normal when you win a lot of trophies. Many years of success Maybe you need this kind of pressure to bring out the best in your form.”

The Spaniards outclassed Bayern in the first leg with Nagelsmann saying his players needed to become more aggressive on Tuesday.

“We must turn up our complete intensity level. We did not take the last steps. The last metres in the first leg. We have to play more uncomfortable football,” he said.

“We made many mistakes. They made one to keep us alive. They could have scored more goals but we are still alive and we should show it on the pitch tomorrow.”